Check this software out! Melodyne on roids!


Pretty dope news story thingy…

Wow, this looks like it could be really interesting. I am downloading the demo now…

Like it!

interesting stuff


The way it extracts parts from an audio track is pretty cool.

The interface kinda looks like a video game though–the love child of Melodyne and the Nintendo Wii :stuck_out_tongue:

that **** looks sweet.

finally somebody figured out how to extract pieces from an audio file.

that only took 10 solid years.

looking forward to trying this out.

the guys name is Martin DAWe

ironic really considering what he has done :smiley:

Has anyone got this, if so how are they finding it?

Windows only?? Booooooo!

[quote]gavisthename (28/04/2011)[hr]Windows only?? Booooooo![/quote]


I’m left outside looking in through the Windows! :angry:

[quote]gavisthename (28/04/2011)[hr]I’m left outside looking in through the Windows! :angry:[/quote]

Ban Gav :smiley:

Don’t you dare start a movement Slend! :angry:

So I downloaded the demo, chucked an MP3 of a vocal house track in it.

For starters, on my beefed up i7, 12GB RAM, tuned PC, it took about 30 mins to process the track to the point where its useable. During this time you can’t use your pc as it has this horrible resource hog thing going on where EVERYTHING goes slow, the mouse is jerky etc.

Once the track was in I started to play with it. Literally nothing is picked out as a clean sample like in the demo track. it’s just a horrendous mess of colours where it’s picked out random frequencies and turned them into odd notes. Even the breakdown, which was just beats and pianos, was a jumbled mess.

There doesn’t appear to be any way to tweak this nicely either to make it any better.

I didn’t bother loading another track as I don’t have the time to wait for it to load but if all tracks are like this, I give this product 0 stars out of 100.

has anybody tried it with a lossless file?

Tried it, puked, uninstalled.