Chill/Glitchwave I don't know what to call it track

Hey guys I am new to SA and would like to share a track I have been working on. Its a remix of a song some of my friends recorded. I would love to hear any feedback/thoughts/advice/musings you have on it.


This really needs a bit more work. Especially with respect to EQ-ing the different elements, making it more whole. Level things more. Some elements are way too loud.

i’ll just say this.

work on your composition because your arrangement is retarded.

How would you suggest I de-tard it then?

This has the potential to be a cool glitchwave track, you just really need to follow Daniaan’s advice and improve on the mixdown. Some sounds are too powerful over other sounds (like the bleepy high sound) and the vocals are a bit mudded up.

Just try and learn what you can in EQing techniques and further your mixing techniques with Compression techniques (try and sidechain some elements of the track to the vocals very slightly so it ducks when the vocals kick in cause the vocals sound muddy).

Thanks for the advice I’m going to try and EQ/Sidechain my song to the max!

Just dont over do it… EQing should only be done to put something in a specific place. Too much EQ = an unnatural sound.

Same applies to the side chain compression, unless you want a special effect from it the sidechaining should only be done in a way that the ducking cannot be heard. In other words you want it to make a certain sound clearer, but to seem as if it has no effect on the sounds being sidechained…

Obviously just use your ears; if it sounds good then it should sound good.

I think you should just switch the places of some of the bits in the track so it respects basic song structure principles.

That’s not a must but I think this song has to have a proper song structure otherwise for the listener it will seem dull and boring. Let’s say with what you’ve made there , just by switching up it would seem way more interesting and captivating.

Also work on your drop.

Thanks so much for the advice, I’ll see what I can do.

Don’t change a thing on the levels of instruments! they are genius!!!

Here are some EQ tips

On instruments in same range as vocals do this

1.5 Q 1k - 2k HZ, lower around 3 - 6 dB.

on vocals do the opposite

1.5 Q 1k - 2k hz, boost around 3 - 6 dB

that will probably make the vocals a bit clearer!

Nothing else needs to be changed.

If you were already famous people would say ur a genius,

but now you are not so they will say stuff like even things out etc etc.

You don’t HAVE to listen to them :smiley: because i thought it was pretty damn cool!