Chilled Techno With Sharooz - My track

Hi. I finished my track and want to share it with you.
What do you think ?

Thank you.

Hi there @SA_GEM

Nice track & good work overall :wink:

Quite busy in the drums, some low frequencies dueling, could benefit of some adjustments to make the beat a tiny less dull & cutting through the mix, and perhaps reduce your synths levels too.

Also on the higher frequency main lead synth ( the one that keeps playing during the break ), it sometimes sounds a bit too much gated or side-chained maybe ? Not much audible during the busy sections of the track but you can pick this up during the break.

In terms of arrangement you made a quite long track, maybe I would have put the main break 8 bars before, but overall you managed to keep the track interesting & entertaining. I Like the solo drums by the end.

Good work :wink:

Cheers !

Nice work. The intro is effective - the bass part with the slow filter attack envelope does a very nice job of setting the mood. Enjoyed the break @ 1:38 - well executed. Overall, it’s solid. I think from a style perspective, I’d really want to make more high end interest percussively - filtered cymbals, hat, phasing, yadda so that you could contrast that really nice cutoff bass just asking to growl in a break with a huge ass reverb. Then again, maybe I’ve just been listening to too much Yotto. :slight_smile: Great job though. Post your revisions.

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