Chillgressive Track, 1st one since following SA

Hi everyone,

enrolled to sa in november and started trying out the stuff i learn on a project, it has become a song. so here it is my first song after joining sa.:partying_face: this is in great part following protocultures course on anjuna style progressive trance.

thanks for having a look,


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Hi there

Nice track, love the “spacey” flow you created with panning sounds, this works quite well to complement the slow driving bass providing focus & rhythm to the track.

I was expecting more of the melodic elements earlier in the track ( like the short part starting at 5:34 that sounds very nice ), but that’s an arrangement thing and you can always revisit this and experiment :wink:

You might want to try to use effects like some chorus & delays to expand the stereo image of the track and also add a bit of saturation to the bass to bring higher harmonics.

But yeah, cool first track, thanks for sharing, easy listening and creative, lot’s of room to build up upon this :+1:

Cheers :sunglasses:

Hey, thank you for listening and for the constructive feedback.

It feels nice to finish a track. :sunglasses:


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