Chillwave Help

Hey guys,

Can you give me some tips on how to get the lo-fi, retro sound production contained in these records, in particular the drums?…

[url=]- YouTube


[url=]- YouTube

I’m guessing it has a lot to do with compression, or limiting? Can you suggest an effects chain that might point me in the right direction? I’m running Ableton with a reasonable amount of plugins, also don’t mind investing if there’s a decent plugin you recommend.

What would really be amazing is a whole tutorial on the Chillwave genre, too much to ask? :wink:


This is exactly the kind of sound I’m interested in getting. Have you heard any stuff by Bibio? He’s someone else you might like.

I think some of it is to do with sidechain compression together with heavy compression on the master track. The snare has a lot to do with the sound, which sounds heavily distorted with white noise mixed in.

Ableton’s vinyl distortion would also help here I think.

delay, compressed and side chained, then compressed again… It’s just squashed really flat.

Cheers fellas, I’ve been experimenting and I’ve found D16’s Devastor adds a heap of warmth to a track, plus tried the multiple compressor/side-chain trick, works a treat. Will also give the vinyl distortion a try.

Nice Ambient tracks btw Wickedged, great melodies.