SA friends,

As i see ChillWave (AKA Glo-Fi) Getting more and more popular (on TV and commercials at least here in the states) i thought i would bring up the topic, I REALLY enjoyed the Nu Gaze tutorial and this style seam like an extension of that. So i ask the question is anyone else interested in what SA could say on this topic?

As a side note i would love to hear your thoughts on how to some of the processing EG: Grain-delay (or any granular FX) / distortions and bit reduction techs, with VST plugins that are portable and usable in other DAWs also.

to wrap up

  1. chillwave
  2. awesome FX that are tricky with VSTs (not live’s plugins)

    As always Great Job! and thanx for the awesome site.


I second this one, here’s some good examples:

I'd also include some of the 90s works of Boards of Canada in this genre. There's a point at which it blurs from IDM into indie.

As much as I like it though, is it the kind of thing that can be done in an Ableton tutorial? Usually these guys have stacks of analogue tape machines they're overdubbing onto to get that fuzzy sound.

ah great choices for examples ! thanx for the second.


you can emulate with software but id rather have the hardware :D

Yep plus 1 for me too - with a little dark touch too

I’d like this as well, gonna bump this back up:

[quote]gedeon (14/05/2011)[hr]I’d like this as well, gonna bump this back up:


My buddy plays drums for J views

[quote]Skylight (15/05/2011)[hr]My buddy plays drums for J views[/quote]

That’s sweet dude :stuck_out_tongue: during the live sets?

here’s another tune by the way: