Chimp and the frog

Search it on YouTube.

So so wrong…

i can relate to that

I will never be able to UNSEE that.

A lot of people on facebook (how i found out about it) and on youtube find it funny, i don’t see whats funny about rape?

I spose it’s funny if you just look at it as a monkey with a frog on it’s knob. But actually watching it, it was just creepy weird.

I’ll think i will give this a miss after reading the other posts - don’t want to spoil my innocence :wink:

I honestly didn’t know weather to laugh or just switch it off.

Wonder if he bought the frog dinner afterwards? :doze:

[quote]djc4 (21/01/2011)[hr]Wonder if he bought the frog dinner afterwards? :doze:[/quote]

Haha can you imagine…

Chimp: so frog, fancy dinner?, it’s the least I can do.

Frog: Na mate… I’m full

I think the frog died

Didn’t the frog turn into a prince and all lived happily after :smiley:

froggin off eh, interesting… :w00t:

To be fair I think it was actually a toad.

Jus’ sayin’

i got sent the video in a email a while back and all i could think is why would you stand there and film it on a day out with your kids ??? to me thats the last thing i want my kids or myself to see when I’m at the zoo.