Choice of Key

Hi All,

Getting my head around music theory is proving to be fun and difficult but I am really enjoying it. One question I have that I havent really seen explained anywhere is how do producers decide what key they are going to write a track in?

Why choose C minor over say F minor or C Major for example? I know minor keys seem more “serious” or “sad” than Major keys etc but I’m still unsure how it works. Do producers just write a bassline then look at the notes afterwards and think “Oh its C minor” or what?

Thanks in advance of any insight or advice!


In my experience i dont think too many producers pay attention to it that much… the most important thing is coming up with a cool riff.

It just takes time learn to play the keyboard well enough that you can sit down and just jam out some riffs.

I just st down and play away until something sparks my ear.

i start with playing a melody with my right hand and a single bass note with my left hand.

things will tend to jump out… then i record it and keep playing. once i have a bunch of options i review them and tweak etc.

knowing what key im in is never really that relevant to me ( although it might be to some)

Ive always played the guitar and so moving to synthesisers in ableton was not the easiest thing to do, but i just mess around on my keyboard until something comes up that i like :slight_smile: Can also play my guitar too using guitar rigg, which can be interesting :slight_smile: