Choosing headphones for EDM production

Hey guys,

I finally decided to buy some better headphones for music production as I producing most of the time using my dj headphones sucks (I have also studio monitors, but I can"t use them too often because of my neighbours). I was wondering whether some of you can give me an advice which ones to choose.

I’m searching for anything up to 200€, preferably without the need of headphone amp (or at least without the need of an expensive one - at the moment I have M-Audio Firewire Audiophile which I’d love to use for this purpose).

I already looked at some headphones and narrowed my search to several products, but I can’t find out whether these will be really good for electronic dance music production and if they require an amp or not. Here’s the list:

Sennheiser HD 650

Sennheiser HD 600

AKG K701 (from what I found out, these are not that good for EDM)

AKG k240 studio

Plus there were some more I looked at but these four are the one which impressed me the most.

So as I said, any advice would be great (if you think there are some other headphones I should consider, let me know).



I just got roland rh300 which I think are pretty good, might be worth a look

I did a lot of routing around and found that these had some fantastic ratings! These are what i’m getting end of the month (belated xmas pressie lol)

Allen & Heath Xone XD 53 Headphones

I think you pretty much nailed it with your shortlist.

I use AKG k240 MkII’s and couldn’t be happier. Very nice, neutral sound, and very, very, very comfortable to wear for longer periods.

The Sennheiser’s sound good too, but they’re much less comfortable to wear imo.

Cheers for the reply guys.

Those A&H looks great, but as these are closed headphones, they are better for djing than producing. A the moment K240 studio looks like my favorite as they don’t need an amp and it’s also for a great price.

Anybody esle has any recommendation? :slight_smile:

I don’t have them, but I am thinking about the Beyerdynamic DT 880 PRO.

I have read good things, but I will go and try some before I buy.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50

those are getting great reviews… might get a pair… currently using Senheiser HD-280 Pro

Beyerdynamic DT 880 PRO looks great, but they have pretty high impedance, so you’ll need a headphone amp for them (which may increase the price significantly)

ATH-M50 might be a better option, but unfortunatelly they are closed ones, I’d like to get semi open or open instead.

So it seems like AKG 240 studio are going to be a winner :slight_smile:

[quote]f1d0 (10/01/2011)[hr]…

So it seems like AKG 240 studio are going to be a winner :)[/quote]

I think you’ll be very happy with those.

A piece of advice though, There are two models available: “240 Studio”, and “240 MkII”. Apart from a slightly different color scheme, they are the same headphones (I have both). However, the “240 MkII” comes with an additional pair of velvet earpads in addition to the standard fake leather, and there’s also an extra, coiled cable included.

The velvet earpads are a lot more comfortable if you plan on wearing the cans over a longer period of time.

Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro (250 ohm )

My advice… best investment in my life actually , now i can’t really listen to music without them. I find them contagious.

I’ve heard great things about the K240 though I haven’t tried them myself. I do know Kaskade has been using them in his studio forever, if that means anything to you.

I’m also in the middle of making this decision and I’ve come to the conclusion I’m picking between the K701 and the HD650. They seem to get the best reviews for studio monitoring (although they’re each very much a love or hate thing) so I figured it’s best to try them both and decide for myself.

Through my research I haven’t been able to tell if people saying the K701s have “no bass” means that they really are short on bass or if they’re actually very exact on their bass replication but people are so used to overhyped bass they sound weak. I’ve heard both sides.

Don’t know if you’ve been looking on but those guys are all sorts of obsessed about headphones (I think they care more for the headphones than the music they listen to with them :w00t: ) Anyways, lots of good info there.

Also, these SoS articles are good if you wanna read some more…

Studio Headphones

Mixing on Headphones

Just bought AKG K240 mkII today and so far I’m really happy with them. They are really comfortable and the sound is great. Can recommend for sure :slight_smile:

Many thanks for your help guys. It was really hard to select the right headphones from all available possibilities but I think I made a good decision.

Sennheiser HD 650 FTW

got a pair for Xmas

Sound on sound loved them in their review and so do I

Ultimately see what you think sounds good to you.


i have 240s good choice :slight_smile:

Got pair of HD600s coming tomorrow… know a guy at sennheiser who got me a great deal so was hard to resist.

Ill let you know how they shape up.

Phil I’m very interested on that headphones. When you have time i would be thankful for a mini review. I want to produce only too.

First impressions:

Compared to the 280pros the bass is much more natural although isnt as extended as the makies… No surprise.

They sound incredibly open and detailed and extreemly comfortable.

You could definatly mix everything but sub on them.

Really impressed

sennheiser all the way…had my 280’s jacked at a gig 6 months ago the freq range was great and they canceled noise very well so they were good for dj’ing as well. the promoter felt guilty so he gave me a pair of pioneer hdj-1000…now these are loud as **** and have good low end and they are pretty comfortable but im sure they will break just like every other pair of pioneer headphones i’ve had. the cool thing about the sennheiser’s is that the parts are replaceable. if your patient you can pick some up cheap on ebay if your willing to sit there and monitor the auctions

Sennheiser HD25-1’s all the way. Spend the money, they’re worth it.