Chord preset mind f#ck

I seem to be drawn to chord presets in most soft synths and often encounter problems incorporating them to any degree in songs which already have chord arrangements( weather it’s using a chord preset on a chord arrangement or matching a single note pattern[with a chord sound] to a pre-existing chord)…

It would be nice to have a tips & tricks vid for precisely and accurately tuning Chord sounds with other instruments. I know you can use a Spectrum analyzer to tune most drum sounds with each other or with bass sounds. I’m wondering if there are some handy tricks I could use when working with chord sounds and arrangements.

I’ve noticed that, in some cases, taking the bass note from each chord then pitching it up or down by the same amount the oscillators are pitched up or down may work(say 1 osc is -5 and the other is +7) but some of these presets have mind f#cking osc combos:crazy:(osc a1-1/osc a2+2/osc b1-6[sylenth chord preset]) and seem impossible to tune properly to certain chords.

I understand that having a thorough understanding of chords and scales is important when producing music. I would say mine is basic. Working on your scales tutorial as I’m writing this.

I am determined on seeing this through thoroughly because Chord sounds and arrangements will always be a Huge part of my music. Here are some resources i found which have helped me to properly identify chords to construct in-tune arrangements.

Piano Chord Chart

Piano Chord Chart

Chord Chart(gif document) -

Hope this can help some of you. Meanwhile I am still interested in techniques to tune chord sounds with other instruments and /or chord arrangements. Please reply with any tips and tricks you may be using in your own production.


This might help Man… a little chart showing the Tunings vs. Chords.

Dope! That does help. Another practical trick i’m using to tune chords is to always keep a synth on it’s init preset in my chord/stab group and use it to tune each synth in that group.

Problem Solved! SPECTRUM ANALYZER Works for tuning Chords Also. Use the bass/root note of your Chord as a reference. I’ve been using Ableton’s bundled analyzer as it gives me values in Frequencies and Notes when i mouse over peaks. Izotope’s Ozone 4 EQ also has a great analyzer and you can choose Notes in the option tab i believe.

When stuff sounds borderline look at it through the Analyzer.