Chords Scales question

Minutes after my post in the tech-discussion forum, I saw the Subscribe Support forum. Excuse my double post, I tried to delete it but was unable!:ermm:

Hey guys, new to the forums and SA! Can’t wait to learn and get to know everyone.

I’ve recently watched the Music Theory section worth of videos and I’ve got a few questions concerning the chord scales in them.

In the Music Theory - Chords videos, Phil provides you with a basic template for making C Minor and C Major chords scales (Thank you, so helpful) but then in the Music Theory - Scales and Modes, James gets into how he believes Phrygian, Locrian etc… may be used more by the popular producers.

I’m not sure, but do the C Minor and C Major chord scales apply to these as well? Is there some easy fix here that I’m just over looking?



different scales have a different feel or vibe to them… major - Happy, Minor - Moody etc.

Have a listen to the different scales and see if you like the feel of them and if it fits with the vibe you are trying to create.

There is no right or wrong just differing pallets to try to create the mood, feel, vibe you are after.

Thanks Phil. Sounds like I’m going to have to trust my ears for these a little bit more.