CHords & Scales

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to share this helpful chord and scale tools with you.

To download the pack, visit:

The Covert Operators is under construction

  • On The site you find also more free stuff such as free ableton packs etc.

    Next I found this here:

    Download Vespers “Ultimate Hookup” Pack (by DJ Vespers)

    incl. a very good PDF File.



thanks, downloading now

For anyone wanting a decent chord and scale reference (and a visual guide to playing a lot of classical music) the Piano Theory in Color app for Chrome is totally wicked:

Looks a bit cheesy but it works nice and you could be playing along to Beethoven in no time :slight_smile:

(theres also a link in the Chrome webstore to install it directly)

Nice link by the way Luke, thanks :slight_smile:

[quote]Samuel (12/12/2011)[hr]Nice link by the way Luke, thanks :)[/quote]

You’re Welcome my friend!


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Isn´t that strange somehow!

Thanks, Luke. Bookmarked and will check it out tonight.

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Hello dude this link is very helpful for my initial stage of the learning the music scale…chords scale is good one for me specially…superb initial stage scale…