Chris and Phils Mega Fookin Mashup Competiton / 58

Chris and Phils Mega Fookin Mashup Competiton

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So, after weeks of talking about it on the show, we have gotten off our lazy asses and put together a rather spiffing selection of rando samples for all you good good people to work your magic. Simply grab whatever you want from the sample folder available in the resources tab, and make whatever ever style of track you want!
We will select the top five to play into the show and then we will select a top three to win some amazing prizes.

Hi, I uploaded an entry, but as it turns out it was the wrong file… The page says it should be possible to delete my entry, but I can’t figure out how? The only thing I can do is edit the name of the entry. What am I missing here?

Hi there @rampus

You should be able to delete your entry and upload a new one. TBH, just not sure about a direct “delete” feature or if you just need to upload a new file that will overwrite your previous submission.

Either I’ll upload a test file and give it a try myself or I will ask more info to S.A team on Monday.

Will update you anyway :wink:

Cheers !

Hi again @rampus

OK, I just uploaded a Test File and figured it out how to delete it :smile:

It’s a tricky one since there’s a visibility issue on the webpage actually, in fact the text “delete your entry” is a link, just click on it, you’ll then have a popup window where you can confirm the deletion.

Once done you can then submit a new entry :wink:

FYI → @bryan_spence Would be cool if that text link could be highlighted or emphasized with a different color or whatever, quite confusing at the moment. Think there was a similar issue with the old site BTW :wink:


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Assuming this to be the case, but are these samples royalty free? So if we don’t win anything can we post our track and so on after the competition is closed?

Hi again @Tydrous

I’ve been asking about this to S.A team during their Live Stream 017 and they have confirmed that you are free to use the samples outside the competition as well.

So yep, those ones are royalty free samples & you can do whatever you want with them, even after the competition.

Cheers !

Hey @Tekalight thanks man :slight_smile:

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Is there any way I can still submit my remix? Mixed up the time zones :frowning:

Same. When SA announced the competition on YouTube the deadline was 12pm BST+1 04/06/20. I even wrote it down so as not to forget. Went to upload my entry there and its closed!! There has to be a way we can still submit our entry.

I have re-opened it there until 19:00 UTC (8pm BST). Should be able to up load now.


And here are the winners, as announced by Chris & Phil during Sonic Live Stream 019
via an EPIC video : Epic synthwave mixing - Its Sonic Live 019! - YouTube

  • 1st Place - Rampus
  • 2nd Place - FlyingKnuckl
  • 3rd Place - Mugtree

Thank you! This was a fun competition.

So… how does one collect the prize? :slight_smile:


Hi there @rampus

Congrats for the 1st Place :wink:

Winners will be contacted by the Sonic Academy team via mail.


Nice job to everyone. There were some really awesome songs here. Rampus killed it :).


Well done everyone and thank you Sonic Academy :smiley:

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