Chromatic Tuner plug in for Ableton?

I’m wondering if anybody knows of any sort of plug in for ableton that works as a chromatic tuner? Trying to work with some vocal samples but they sound obviously out of key. I bought Platinum Notes thinking it would be able to repitch specific samples into the key I need them in, however I don’t think it doesn’t quite work that way (but if it does an I’m just missing it, please enlighten me). Is there a feature in ableton that will do this that I don’t know about, or a plug in I can download, or some quality grade (ideally free) software that will function as a chromatic tuner?

Thanks guys, you’re always so much help

Manual correction can be done with Melodyne.

It can help you if i’m not making a mistake.

I’m sorry if I misunderstood your question.

Edit: just saw you were reffering to a free software

try this one


hey I really appreciate your help, unfortunately Gtune is not supported by mac, only windows :frowning: it looks like exactly what I need though, any other suggestions?


Nevermind, I found one, it works really well and it’s only $10 (after the 90 day free trial period)

Thanks guys