City girls

Hi all.
I saw this channel and thought I would share my latest release “City Girls” with you. It’s in the style of Tech-House. I hope you enjoy and be great to hear your thoughts.

Nyvlem was my original brand, I changed it yesterday to Intonova.

Hi there @Intonova

A SoundClound link or similar ( without visual or video ) would be better for track feedback if possible.

We can always turn off the screen to skip the visuals and keep focus on the sound but it’s less convenient, newt to this, SoundCloud might give better audio quality as well.

Some things that don’t work for me with this track :

  • It’s much too long, a 8:30 long track for that genre won’t catch the audience. The arrangement is also very repetitive, so it will end up in loosing listeners attention and focus before they reach the end.

  • The humming bass is out of tune with the track, it should be a center element for this genre, so you can’t miss this, that’s definitely a no go here.

  • The balance of the mix : the Kick is louder on the Left channel than on the right. The bass is not loud enough, at the moment everything synths is nicely popping out, but not the other elements.

Nice parts : nice synths sounds choice and melodic elements in this track.

So shorter track, getting your Kick & Bass centered and louder to sit better in the mix and definitely correcting that bass tone that’s not in tune at the moment.

Hope this helps !

Cheers :sunglasses:

Hi there

Many thanks for your valuable feedback I’ll certainly look at these elements.


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No worries, you’re welcome !

Keep it up ! :wink:

Hi Tekalight

I’ve looked at the track and made amendments I wonder if you might be able to take another look.

Kind regards

Hey again there

Yeah the track is much more consistent with the kick in the center now and the mix is more balanced.

The reduce length also help to keep focus for the listener, that said almost 6 minutes is still long, so it’s more difficult to keep the listener interest when you go for longer tracks.

What I noticed from start to end.

  • 00:00 and forward → Not a big fan of that short synth bass sound, it sounds a bit cheesy for this track IMO.

  • 00:17 'till last part of the track : the female vocals are panned right, but through the end they are centered again, that’s a bit confusing for the ears. If it’s a vocal track, then keep them centered, if the vocals are just secondary elements you can pan them to give a different placement in space ( if that make sense ) but changing between the 2 is confusing for the listener.

  • 00:39 The piano sound → That’s an example where you can shorten the track. The sequence is too long since it’s a repetitive melody, you can just use a few notes to introduce the sound, not delivering the full melody yet, that’s a quite common trick to keep interest throughout the all track length.

  • 01:40 The acid synth line sound. you’ve introduced this sound before but that’s where it really comes into focus. Again, same remark here, too much of it doesn’t help, sometime less is more. It’s a nice sound but it’s not intended to be used as a main melody, you can use other synth sound for this and use the acid line to spice them up maybe.

  • 02:42 There’s the opposite happening, you’ve got a nice arpeggio synth sound going on but it’s buried behind the bass.

  • 04:36 : not sure what’s happening with the arrangement here, the bass seems off track at some point, also not sure you need so this part ( also some ones before → it’s like having several mini breaks during the song, with variations. You can get variations with taking elements away, adding too much is confusing for the listener, might work better to keep something more consistent.

The beat could be improved as well, hats and claps feeling a bit static ( if you listen a section from 2:45 to 3:00 ), there’s a low hat that’s very pronounced as well. You can vary the midi patterns and velocity to bring this more to live and give a more organic feel.

Try to keep this one no longer than 4:30 minutes at max and keep a better song arrangement structure.
One tip for this is to take a reference track and check how it was arranged, it’s easy to count the bars used for the different parts of the song if you load the reference track in your DAW as an audio file ( it needs to be synced at the same tempo then ).

Let this one sleep for a week or so, then come back to it later, we loose focus when keeping on editing and making revision on the same song :wink:

And that’s it for my 2cts comments, there’s nothing to apply to the rule, just what jumps out to me when listening throughout the track ( like 10 times … :laughing: ). The important thing is to keep it up and have fun when you make music, that’s why it’s also important to take a break from tracks :wink:

Hope this helps !

Cheers & wishing you a great weekend ! :sunglasses:

That’s great.
Many thanks for your feedback.

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