Classic trance bass

hay there does any1 no how to make classic 90,s trance basslines or no what the best wave forms and techneaks are :slight_smile:

i’ll let the trance heads discuss their preferences for oscillators.

but i’d suggest you give the Trance Tutorial a try. that will teach you a lot.

but this youtube video will show you the basics.

United this is more like for psy/goa trance basselines.

Check this:

Do all trance baselines Follow the same pattern no matter what ? You cant play off notes ( Anything in 1/16 will sound fine but if I use 1/32 it will sound odd ) . How would you make your trance baselines sickout from the typical trance baselines ?

I like Robert miles old school Trance baselines but I cant use that type of baseline in all my tracks right ? Progressive trance has the nice rolling trance baseline but I can’t use that in all my tracks .

So how would I change up the feel without losing that speed .

stick with 16th notes. your better off when you are starting out.

I have been at this for awhile but never really could understand when I use 1/32 it sounds more funky then trance . If I only use 1/16 then the only way to make it sound different would to take out notes between a rolling baseline . Yet this will make it sound less aggressive .

When making tight trance baselines I should be using more then one bass synth ? this would give the illusion of “More going on” right ?

Check this one out : - YouTube