Clear the Dance Floor - Still Be

New house one from me. Feedback always appreciated.

Sounds a bit oldskool to me. Nice.

Though you might try to get that kick better through the mix.

Nice track mate. I think the kick sounds a little flat at the start but much better after the drop with the bass.

I like the change of arrangement about 4 mins in and overall a good track to me! Have you thought of maybe making the end a bit shorter or is that there for when you’re cueing up the next track?

Thanks for the positive feedback everyone. Perhaps having a different kick at the start would have been a good thing. The end “chorus” as it were was doubled as that is the main meat in the track as I thought I would extend it out. The outro is long but you hit the nail on the head, aim is to be dj friendly.

It’s a tough balancing act as most people on soundcloud don’t want 1 minute intros / outros yet for playing out it’s pretty vital.


Yeah I hear what you’re saying about the intro’s and outro’s on Soundcloud but I guess you don’t need to add them on there unless you’re putting them up for download?