Click Length knob function

Hi there,

Could someone tell me what is the purpose of the Length knob on the Kick 2 Click controls?

As far as I can see, you can control the sample length with the Amp Envelope nodes, and this has the added advantage of allowing you to fade the end point out. Using the Length knob makes it very difficult to cut the sample at a zero crossing- there is no GUI guide line or switch to snap to zero crossings. If you get the Length wrong you can get very audible artifacts when the sample cuts out.

Appreciate any advice on this.


It is just a quick way to adjust the length of the clip from the from of the user interface.

If you would rather use the Envelope curves that you can do that.
If it is a particularly long sample you can remove a lot of the sound using the length and then taper the end with the curves.

OK got it!

Thanks for the swift response. I put Kick2 in my latest demo, sounds great and I love using it.

Will never use another kick sample! :slight_smile:

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