Click Questions

Question #1: What is the purpose of a click?
When I insert say a “Ahem” wave file, i still hear the drum hit along with overlaying of the Ahem. All it seems to do is embellish the drum kick. Don’t really see the utility of this. I thought this would add character to the nature of the drum kick itself but it just seems like a overlay of sound to me.

Question #2: How to Change Click Selection To None?
Also, if you select a click, how do you change it back to None? There is no drop down item selection to do this.

Question #3: Does the first click have to always be set?
This is related to question #2 since I cannot change Click 1 to none.

Question #4: Do the click settings take effect before or after Sub Oscillation?
I assume the following:

  1. Clicks are loaded and sent to the main oscillator
  2. They are then sent to the sub oscillator to frequency range divide
  3. The sub control can filter out those click frequencies that are not needed

Answer to #Question #2 and #3: Right click on the drop down and choose Remove click. Not mentioned in the documentation.

So you want to just use the start of the Kick file - trim the body away, use the high pass filter if you need to and leave just the click - which will add character

Right click and select “remove”

nope - select none if you wish

The click channels are independent to the Sub oscillator