Clipping Audio In Ableton

Hey, so I had some audio imported into ableton (Air For Life in .FLAC) and it’s channel was set to 0dB and so was the master but for some reason at certain points the master would turn red and show clipping. I have attached a picture

I get this all the time and I don’t understand why. What I used to do at this point was just lower the master to like -5dB and then Normalize on export (with every other setting off including having dither off). But now I don’t know, I assume putting a limiter on would just squash the song. What should I do?

I just found another big problem, I am trying to make a full version of Air For Life (Intro Mix) by replacing everything past the intro with the original mix thus making it a full length track, the problem is that they seem to be at two different natural volumes, the intro mix is much quiter but if I raise the volume of it at all it clips, so I am really confused.