Clouds Style Synths

I have been going nuts over this new duo called Clouds. They have a couple releases on Fake Blood’s new-ish record label. My favorite is Liquid. Listen to the synth after the second drop, it’s unbelievable. I was wondering if anyone knew how to get sounds similar to this. I have asked them personally and they said the majority of their sounds, including the ones in Liquid, are made with Native Instruments Massive, which I own. I’ve played with it quite a bit and I’ve gotten some cool grungy sounds but nothing remotely close to their tailor-made synths. If anyone can shed some light on this, I’d be very interested (I’d pay cash to anyone that came really close).

I can reassure you that it is definitely NOT a sample based sound. As they’ve already told me otherwise, and I’ve tried the former anyway.

pretty sweet song. it almost sounds like when you put an lfo on a sound and crank it high like 1/256 and it starts sounding like a helicopter.

here’s a link btw for people who are too lazy to look it up:

You have to layer your sounds make a crunchy bassline and layer that with a sine and for that extra crunch layer it with white noise then gel those layers with a compressor and if you want you can re sample it and split the frequencies and add some distortion on different bands…

Use the Carbon W-T with some saws and Squares and you will get that tone also the Band reject filter does wonders :smiley: and use Massive distortion a bit