CLR style Bass

Hi guys,

Please could anyone lend a hand in gettin that really deep bass , made famous by Chris Liebing and Tommyfourseven ?


Hey man, a couple things…

Throw this in the HTSL section. It would be more apt to be answered there. But it could be a number of things. Could be the synths they are using to even a 909 and having a long decay.

Post a link to the sound you are referring to! :smiley:

cheers mate, i will do.


yeh sounds like a kick thats got allot of reverb thats been filtered to me

Thanks for the tip,

i re-posted this on the other forum, with no reply :frowning:

anyways, could anyone go into more detail into creating this sound,

Racking my brain, not gettin it right is starting to piss me off lol.

Has anyone tried making this bass ? and does anyone make this kinda Techno on Sonic Academy ?

I’m New on here y’see, be good to get to know the right people etc…


Cush !

Is this any use?

Cheers mate, but i’ve read that topic before, Its my good buddy Steve Owen,

I’ve been trying to contact him past few days, no reply as yet :frowning:

I’m sure he will, i’ve given him 2x gigs for my night in the past,

Give us a ring Steve, you got my number mate !

from the previous thread

“1. Create a midi part link to a bass synth of sample using a sub bass patch.”

can someone please expand on this