CLR style techno track

Hello all, I just finished my first complete techno track, and i need some feedback for future productions.:slight_smile:

Nice one. A creepy MF for sure :smiley:

Missing a sort of stab, but that’s probably just me. A sucker for stabs :wink:

its not really my style but i think it moves along nice, i would like to hear more elements over the top of it also, eerie stabs or pads or something, atomospherics…

Thanks for youre comments, the style where i’m aiming for doesnt really have alot of staby sort of things, however i do agree the track is not really sounding very full, i hope my next track will have some improvement on this.:slight_smile:

Gotta agree with the other two, it really feels like it needs something else in there.

I think i got something :), theres not really percusion going on in the track, im working on a new one and currently im experimenting with percusion, also im compressing on a different way, i just started and the overal sound is already much different then the old one.:slight_smile: