Coffee Breaks,underground techno,glitches and breaks.(opinions appreciated!)

Hi there, please have a listen to this attempt at old school groove.

Please, tell me what you think.

Thanks a lot :hehe:

I liked it has some nice elements!

I think one thing I would say is that from 2:00 onwards the tracks mixing gets a bit weak, the kick was difficult to feel and hear out. Just feel as though some of the elements need more reverb (like the keys right at the end) and more balancing is needed for the different elements levels.

Thanks for listening, that’s helpfull.

I’ve noticed that it reaches a peak and the comes and goes.(I’m a beginner)

i really liked this, looks like youve spent time on it :slight_smile: interesting stuff!!

Thank you

Well, yes …I like design the sounds and produce and get better…It’s good fun