Commercial Hard House

hardhouse, fantastic genre and somewhat misunderstood. took a few nods from heavens cry and stuck in a crowd clap. Its always good to be throwing shapes yourself when making music lol … SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds

The track fits this genre, maybe you could improve the kick & bass a little, they sound a tiny bit “boomy” to me. The atmo noise used in the breakdown & second part is very much pronounced in the mix, I would reduce the level of it as well as filtering some low end with a high pass filter.

Now what’s really lacking here is the arrangement & song structure, there’s no real beginning, intro & end and we’re missing an epic drop. You could really drive more the listener’s experience by creating more tension & release moments, right now it’s like all parts are playing throughout the all song, except for the break.

That’s it for my 2cts feedback :wink:

Cheers !