Common bpm

Hey dudes, ive been messin around with dubstep and currently have been into house. What are sum common bpm’s for fidget, electro and dubstep.

I beatmatch my own music but would like to make new tracks that dj’s can use in mixes.


I would say house and electro are between 120bpm - 132 Bpm, obviously you can go outside that range if you want. I think 126 - 128 BPM is a good choice.

I don’t know about dub step.

Yea I usually do house music at 120 bpm. Ive seen a dj mix two tracks that were at 121.53 bpm. Thats really exact…

My dubstep is always at 140.

I know there isnt a standard bpm for any kind of music, i would like to make some house music that can be mixed with other house tracks.

Yeah, I am sure you know this but I am just going to make sure.

A dJ can mix two tracks that are different BPMs by changing the speed (also known as the pitch) of the tracks. You can speed up or slow down a track when mixing by 8% (or 16% on some equipment), so a 120 bpm track can be played anywhere from 110.4 - 129.6 BPM (for 8%).

Dubstep is 140 bpm but its like half time…

Dubstep is 140, except there’s a lot of Drumstep that sounds like Dubstep that’s actually at about 160-170/80-85 BPM.

Every electro house track is 128, same with fidget.

House is between 124-132.

[quote]Flaxo (14/03/2011)[hr]Every electro house track is 128.

This is not true.

Here you go I made this…

Rnb/reggaeton/Soul etc 90-120 bpm

Electro/house/Tech/minimal/progressive 125-132 bpm

Trance/commercial dance/tech trance/some techno 130-140 bpm

Hard dance/Happy hardcore/Hard trance/Hardstyle/Dubstep 140-160 bpm

Hardcore/Gabba/Terrorcore/DnB/Breakbeat/Some happy hardcore/Some hard dance 160-190 bpm

Hope this helps, its a rough guide but there will always be exeptions of the ‘rules’. Nothing is set in stone but some things just dont work like a Gabba track at 120bpm will sound weird…etc

Wait, for the drop in dubstep the bpm is usually halved or somewhere around there, right? Or do they just keep the same bpm and make the drums more sparse?

I doubt the bpm changes they probably space out the drums and go half time…

Ok, ok, admittedly a generalization. But you can usually count on it being within 1 beat, no?

[quote]Flaxo (15/03/2011)[hr]Ok, ok, admittedly a generalization. But you can usually count on it being within 1 beat, no?[/quote]

LOL - well all I can do is look in my Electro-house folder in Traktor and, without counting, there seem to be about the same from every BPM from 125 - 130 with an odd few either side.

I think you mean one bar… a beat is just that 1 beat, 4 beats make  bar in 4/4 timeing…

this is a standard house loop K =  Kick, S=Snare, H=Hat.


      S         S—

   H    H   H    H

For dubstep you will take this formula and make it go over two bars EG you space the notes out like so…




Its a bit hard to draw out on here, but might i suggest the SA Dubstep tutorial… Or the Glitch step house…