Are there many of you out there who are working with a partner or two? I am getting pretty tired of being alone in my home studio all the time and doing same things over and over again.

I feel like it would be a lot more easier for me to get too work with someone… Anyone feel like this?

Are there any other forum that can provide this maybe, or is it maybe possible to post about partnership here? -.-


Yeah like someone who’ll always compete with you?

Maybe the most important thing is to find someone who’s crazy motivated rather than skilled, or else you could end up wasting your time.

Like message people on facebook and craigslist untill you find someone whos willing to put in 100+ hours a week.

This is what ive been trying to do, I’m looking for a motivated chick, just cause there are few women producers, and having one in your duo would increase marketabillity. But ive gone through almost ten and they are always such slackers.

Well hey, Im motivated now like never before… Im not a chick though o.o