Competitions And Challenges

I think SA should start making competitions. I wish SA felt more like a school, with real challenges. If you are going to give us a badge for writing on the forum, why not give us a more fun badge that we would truly appreciate. For example, you could have given us a higher ranked badge each time we uploaded a new track for feedback. And if you approved of the quality of the track, you could have been like “I now crown you a master of production”, and then you could have updated our badges accordingly. Or perhaps you could have made tests for us, based on the tutorials, and if we passed the test, our rank increased.

Also, I think you should have challenged us a bit more before giving away a free sample pack to us. That way we would have appreciated it more. It would have been more interesting if you gave away rewards through challenges and competitions.

we are working on this exact idea :slight_smile:

somewhere you can upload your tracks / get feedback from other users - and hopefully a reward for doing it :slight_smile: