Compilation albums

Early stages yet but I’ve just started sending my new track out, one label, who I have a track signed to, have said they are looking for tracks for a new compilation and want to include this new one. I don’t know all the details yet, obvisouly I want to track released and not just on a compilation only.

But this is interesting as I believe there is cash to be made if tracks are included on compilations?

Anyone here know anything about this and if so what should I ask for? Advance? % of sales? etc etc???

If you know I’d be greatful as I dunno where to start here! (the track is in my signature if anyones interested - Overflow)

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Its a good thing dude!

Tbh mate it depends on whos and what cd comp it is. Alot of comps are released that don’t really sell well, also the money you get is a small percentage of the total sales if I remember correctly you don’t get advances. It is something you will also sign for they usually say in the contract that it’s 50/50 for third party releases or something. Now if your getting on something like a Dave pearce dance anthem cd’ comp or armin van buurens a state of trance comp you should be expecting at least 1000 pounds at the very minimum. I still get very surprised that some people don’t find this alot of money it really shows that people have no idea of just how bad the electronic music industry is. But it all comes down to how many copies the comp sells. Also it doesn’t cost you anything and is usually always a good idea.