Completely cutting off frequencies above 10k

I was interested to see what the GFX EQ looked like for some of my favourite artists. I chucked a few deadmau5 songs into ableton live and chucked a spectrum on the master. nothing interesting so far. when i hit play the spectrum showed there was only like -136 db above the 10k mark on the spectrum for all his electro dirty bassline songs. And for the others well the slope looked like a well slope… sloping down from the bass where it peaked under 0db and then after 10k again sort of dissapearing although this time just sloping off. so my question is really, what does this do for the mix? i understand rolling off bass for stuff causes headroom for other things. but does it have a similar effect for this? i mean even if i roll off the bass more than -136 db normally comes through. hopefully someone will be able to explain the technical reasoning for this.


I was just about to make a post about this actually. I do it on my synths sometimes, I read somewhere (I think Stupid Fresh said it, but I’m not 100%) that some older hardware synths did it on their own, cutting around 12k or so. I think it takes a lot of nasty fizzy high end out of leads and stuff like that if you low pass around there a bit, maybe add a bit of resonance.

Not sure about it in the context of that deadmau5 tune though.