Completely new to this. Where do I start pleeease?

Hello everyone.

After years of saying I could do music production, I’ve finally want to take my 1st steps into it, but what I’d like to know is:

  • what tutorials should I start with for the basics
  • Do I need to buy albeton, the intro pack also

Any help would be massively appreciated!!! Can’t wait to get started.


Hi @chrislowe84

Welcome to S.A & the forums first of all :smile:
I’ll try to answer to this:

There’s an incredible amount of knowledge to grab on Sonic Academy and it doesn’t matter if you’re a total beginner or if you already have some experience in Music Production: there’s always something to learn here.

As a standard user, you will only get access to some free tutorials and the preview videos of the payed ones. My honest best advise, without trying to make any marketing here, would be to get yourself a subscriber membership. That will allow you to watch any of the tutorials available on S.A Website instead of having to buy them one by one. Again, I’m not trying to get you into buying something from the site, but if you’re planning to learn Music Production, it’s a very valuable investment to start with, and BTW yearly subscriptions are now 30% off for this week only. More about that here:

So that’s one said and it’s my best advise to start :wink:

For Ableton Live, you can demo the full suite for 30 days totally free by Ableton Website, it’s something to consider before making a purchase. Live is not the only DAW on the market, and again on S.A you will find very exhaustive tutorials on Live, Logic Pro X, Cubase 9.5 and FL Studio 20. You’ll find tutorials series aiming at beginners to really learn how to get your hands on the DAW of your choice.

There’s a ton to learn when it comes to Music Production, beside finding a DAW that suits your needs and your workflow and learning how to use it, you’ll find also tutorials about music theory, like learning how to make a beat or complete tracks from real artists.

Also don’t forget that as a standard user you already have access to a huge S.A free sample pack to give you very good material to start working.

As a subject of reflection and to give you some insights, though things could get a bit confusing at first, I suggest you to have a look to this recent topic ( it’s a long reading, sorry :blush:) but it could help to grab some general points when starting. At the end of the long post, you also find a screenshot to help you to find tutorials on S.A using filters & search function. If the long reading gets you into more specific questions, just head back here and let me know, I’ll be glad to help.

Cheers !

Have a reading of post N°4 inside that topic

Legend!!! Thanks for the tips. An absolute essay that link, but really helpful. I’m definitely going to subscribe to SA yearly. Just haven’t got round to it but it’ll be done tomorrow, and the journey starts!!

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yep, that’s what it is really: a journey, and the best part is that you don’t have to worry if you’re not sure about the destination yet, that will come along the way :wink:

Cheers ! talk to you soon then :sunglasses:

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