Completion of the creating space tutorial

3 questions

  1. When can we expect the creating space tutorial it to be completed?

  2. Why are so many other tutorials started before previous ones are completed?

    3, Would it be possible to list which tutorials are incomplete so that members (such as myself) don’t search for extended periods of time for referenced sections of tutorials that have yet to be completed? For example, in the creating space tutorial we are told that there will be a section at the end of the tutorial dedicated to external plugins and specific plugins for working with bass and kick. After 8 days and having to ask 3 times to be directed to where that section is I finally got the answer that that section has not been done yet. I’m not offered anything further such as “we’re working on it” or “we expect to have it completed by…” nope.


    a somewhat new, somewhat frustrated member of sonic academy

  1. A date hasnt been set for the completion of this one… Im still researching the subject to try to give the best advice.

  2. We decided a while ago to get the tutorials out as soon as there was enough useful content as opposed to hold everything back until we had completly covered the topic. This enables us to research and develop the tutorials so they dont come across as rushed… Quality over quantity.

  3. The topic of mixing and many other topics we cover are vast… We try to cover as much stuff as quickly as we can but our quest i imagin will never be complete.