Complex techno

hey sonic academy.there is this complex techno/electro track gaining grouds like crazy.

its rebound by the likes of arty and mat pretty sure u tubez already on the scene.

anyway something similar 2 this could be of great help.thankz;)

youtube link?

sounds more like progressive than techno.

the beats are quite techy but the sounds are progressive/trancey

you could try taking the beats from the techno tut and the musicy bits from the progressive tut put them together and see what you get.

yeahhhh. Matt Zo def makes progressive & trance… NOT techno. like the opposite of techno.

guys like him & Eco are making Markus Schulz style progressive and tech trance.

Arty is a russian trance guy, isnt he?

this one is pretty complex :slight_smile:

[url=]- YouTube

what do you think?

would like to see the tutorial for programming such groove: bass, percs, kick

hmm okai.thankz 4 the clearfication.but hey,can we expect something similar to this…

- YouTube

its in the durty dutch house genre.

is there ever gona be something like it done in the near by future or not??lots of people would be greatful…