I was having a terrible morning on Saturday, everything sounded like it was coming directly from my ar5e, no creativity and sloppy melodies for 3 hours straight getting nowhere…

I read an email from and clicked on a sylenth1 soundbank link, started listening and heard a bassline melody which I really liked. . . Used & extended it, changed a few notes and I was off! this isn’t the first time I’ve done something like this but it really can help!

What I came up with so far… nothing special sylenth1 & a few tracks using massive, others are all Ableton native plugins.

Really nice! It sounds similar to Pryda’s stuff! But the bassline is epic.

Already posted on SC, gave it another listen and still loving that bassline, its awesome.

Definately have a Pryda vibe…


thanks dude, referencing Pryda in the same sentence as my productions is awesome to say the least :]


nice one mate always a pleasure to get your feedback! :smiley: