Compression question?

Hey Phil,

In the track I’m working on the baseline has the filter half closed but there is a part where the filter opens at the start of each bar and the note first note is an octave up and pitch dives down. The problem I’m having is looking at it on the spectrum the high section of my baseline around 1k is jumping in volume when the filter opens and the note pitch dives. Its jumping about 10db on the spectrum each time, and I have been trying to use compression to minimize the jump but haven’t had any luck so any thoughts would be appreciated.


Does it sound bad? Or just look bad?

just looks bad, when I compare to hardwell tracks, there is never anything really jumping out on the spectrum.

if it sounds ok then your are fine… is it something that would be out of place in a commercial track?

I dont think so but hopefully I will finish the mixing and touch ups of the track in the next week or so and then I can could possibly get some feedback on what to work on?