Compressor in Ableton

Hi all,

i’m trying to make an electro house type track in the style of D-ramirez etc.

I have routed all my drums to a drum track and added a compressor 1 from Ablton.

However I can’t get it to sound right. Can anybody tell me the best settings for this compressor for this style of music.

Also another problen i have is i want the mix to gel together as such so I also have added a compressor 1 from Ableton to the master channel, again what settings would people recommend.

I also have a slight concern that when i add these compressors i seem to encounter a lot of white type sound in the background is this normal.

Thanks in advance of any replies.

for the d.ramirez stuff i tend to not use much if any compression on the drums… i used it in justice tutorials as their drums really do have a different sound.

for drums the default attack on the compressor is fine and you should only have a gain reduction of a 2-3 db… less is more.

getting the right sound for me is 9 times out of 10 more to do with getting the right sounds to begin with.

if im trying to recreate something very similar ill just sample the drums at the start… dont tell anyone tho!! :wink:


Is the white noise thing i mentioned in my post normal. i seem to get more as i pull the threshold down but then again i did have the compressor set were i was having a reduction of about 8db.

What about percusion elements would you normally route these to a second group or would you put them all trhough the drum group?

Also would you sidechain the perc to add some pump.


if you bring a compressor threshold down by 8db you are also raising your noise floor ( the general background hiss on all samples ) by 8db so it could be a slightly noisy sample to begin with which is just compounded by the compression.

Routing the percussion to a separate group gives you a bit more control and you could always route that group back in to the overall drum group… could get a bit complicated for soloing and effects sends etc.

yeah i would generally sidechain my percussion too… just be careful if you have bits where your kick drops and the percussion is still going as this will instantly boost the perc back up and sound weird.

you could also use “parallel” compression… this is basically splitting your sound to 2 channels and having one dry and one compressed and vary the level between the 2… can give you nice pumping effects while maintaing a more natural sound.

I might stick all this in a quick tutorial as soon as i get a sec.:w00t:


One again thanks for the info.

I have been waiting to disucss things like this with like minded people for ages.

A quick tutorial would be great!!!

very welcome… ill start planing a compression tutorial.:hehe:

I’d like to say that there are no rules for the methods you use to create your own sound.

What i do is use quality samples at first. Then i just set the to say -10 or so ans set long Attack value, so you can hear the punch. Then i just put a Gate to cut all unnecessary tales. Of course this is my own vision and it varies from track to track. And of course it is not about tunes by D.Ramirez. :slight_smile:

Always try to use your taste and ears. Good Luck!