Just wondering if anyone thinks there is a better compressor available for sidechaining then the compressor in abelton 8 I have played around with the knee, threshold attack and release times but I still can seem to get a compression as smooth as the one in the following track any advice would be appreciated.

Josh Lang - Come See Me - YouTube


The main control yu should be adjsting is release… This will control the speed of the rise back…

Abketon comp is decent but with really fast releases <20ms can sound a bit grainy.

Prob is most other comps sidechainging is more complicated to set up.

I usually turn off the make-up gain… sounds less aggressive.

Turn it off before you turn on the sidechain.

Also change between the different comp settings - Peak/Opto/RMS… and types - FB/FF1/2 - to see what sounds best.

Think I normally end up going with Peak or Opto & FF1? :ermm: