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Just wondering if anyone haas came across this and knows a solution:

I’m running windows 7 and its running slow. I done some dgging and found a service called Windows Meida Player Network Services which is using 2.5 gig of ram when my PC is sitting in idle!

I use the service for streaming media to my HD TV via Windows Media center on my xBox however the issue happens even when no media is streaming.

The only way I’ve found to fix it is to end the process via task manager, however after a short time the service start again. I’ve changed to manual start but if still fires up by it self.

I would think its trying to do something in the background like catch media of some sort but I’m not sure.

Does anyone know of a fix for this? :slight_smile:

Waves R Bass! :smiley:


This might help Mate… Looks like you can disable it from running.

[url]Bucaro Techelp

2.5g is a lot Man for nothing :w00t:

Turn that sh!t off! :cool:

Lol! I wish wave could fix this one! if only it was a easy as dropping a plug in on windows to fix it!

I’ve tried that one, works but its no good if the some is streaming while I’m working. The problem only started after the xbox crashed while streaming so I think there is something more to it. Some kind of backround process that I should be able to clear some how. Hopefully someone will know.

You tried using CCleaner to fix the registry issues?

[quote]saulable (29/08/2010)[hr]You tried using CCleaner to fix the registry issues?


No, never, didnt think about the registry. Going to google CCleaner now :slight_smile:

start - run - msconfig then go to the startup tab and untick the box for it there - see if that works.

[quote]bouffont (29/08/2010)[hr]start - run - msconfig then go to the startup tab and untick the box for it there - see if that works.[/quote]

I could do this but I want the service to run as I use it or the mrs does while I’m making tunes so it need to be fixed rathered then disabled :frowning:

In which case have you:

Updated with the latest fixes

Removed and Reinstalled the service

How are you running Media center anyways - If you’ve got the actual media center on another machine in the house you don’t need it running on your machine - you can just map network drives from the media center to your machine and scan for the files on them.

We use media center on the xbox to watch movies, avi’s, mkv’s etc on the HD TV.

It would seem however that this service isnt related to windows media center but windows media player shared services, which is different to my initial thoughts.

It would appear I can disable it and still stream to windows media center on the xbox so problem solved providing it dosent restart again which its seems to be doing even when disabled!

Think I’m gonna put another 4 gig in there when I get back from holiday. Running 4 gig ram already and even with wmp service stopped I’m sitting at 49% used in idle…