Concerned - label advice please

and what i said about most labels being genuine - most are. but there are still some dodgy ones out there.

the whole scene seems unregulated at the minute.

i have for example 3 tracks for sale on beatport and itunes, that i never agreed to sell. nor did i provide them with the files.

my track got lifted by a label who took it upon themselves to sell it to another label - but not after selling it on their own first.

none of which will take it down. - and Apple are about as useful as a wet fish about getting it removed.

so - long story short. most are genuine - some are not :slight_smile:

[quote]bryan spence (09/08/2010)[hr]if you are new to the scene, i don’t think you can expect anything more than £150 for an advance.

it all depends how much faith you have that your track will sell.

if its a big label then you should see some money coming in from your %.

although if its a big label you should also expect an advance.

basically if your track only sells 50-100 copies, and you are contracted to 50/50 splits.

that is - taking 70 copies as the sale - 70 x £1.99 = £139

minus the site that is selling its cut @ about 50% = £69 for the label.

which leaves you with £34

most labels will have it stipulated that you will only get paid when your cut is over for example £50 or £100.

and some of them write your cut off against “PR” etc.

so you simply may just never see your share.

so that is why its hard to get an advance. the label have got to be confident that your track will sell £600 worth - or over 300 copies before its worth their while to give you a £150 advance.

nothing to get disheartened about - as i say its a name building exercise - and you never know. you may sell 3000 copies. at which point you will be getting a cheque for your share.


Totally agree with this . I don’t have hopes of getting a check but u I am getting more gigs.than ever so I am sure there is money to make producing and djing or live PAs