Constructive Criticism/Help from subscribers on beatport remix

Hows everybody doing. I wanted to see if i can get some constructive criticism help from all you guys
I recently started entering the beatport remix competitions because I think it is a great opportunity to get your name out there and show what you can do. This is my second
I’m posting so that I can get some constructive criticism from you guys. What can I do to make future originals and remix’s better? Where could i have gone a different route to get a better flow or sound? If you have an acct and want to vote, feel free to support a Sonic Academy member. Voting ends Monday July 15th! thanks for all your feedback guysbr
- Arettobr

Hey man I thought you had a solid base going in there but the arrangement was just too crazy for me! I thought the drop should have came after the fire vocal build up rather then vocals coming in again :slight_smile:

sounds to me like the chords are out of
it all sounds a wee bit messy to me.