Controlling Live with the iPhone?

Hey everyone,

I just had a thought and I was wondering if anyone ever heard of something like this or if it is in the works. Is there a program that would control your DAW, or preferably Live 8 with an iPhone. I was very interested if there is sorta something similar to a Jazz Mutant Lemur out there doing this. The iPhone is capable of running multiple screens within an application and is capable of multi-touch. I wouldn’t understand why it can’t be done (even though I’m not a computer programmer). Any thoughts on this or does anyone know if this is in the works?

There is a cool little program but it wouldn’t be the same. Keymote is a program that adds shortcuts to your iPhone for almost any program and its highly customizable.


i am gonna have a search round for something like this, i don’t see it being a problem and sure there are probably apps out there already for doing this. i’ve seen people playing notes in to cubase using wii remotes and xbox controllers so i’m sure what you are saying is more than possible.

I’m gonna read more about it, but I found this…

You can check out TouchOSC for the iPhone. It looks like a mini Jazz Mutant Lemur!

there is an app for cubase called cubase ic, ive downloaded it but not managed to get it to work yet

it basically lets you start/stop/record etc

dont see why they could’nt do it for any daw

Right, but thats for Cubase, not Live. Check out TouchOSC. It looks exactly like the Jazz Mutant Lemur.

Have you seen the new Novation Automap application for the iPhone? It comes close to the kind of thing you’re describing (although of course can’t control Live itself). :hehe:

Its not even close to TouchOSC

Well, I downloaded Touch OSC and the partner program you need to get it to work (OSCulator) and I can’t make head nor tail of the bloody thing.:blink: I’ve got it all connected up via the Getting Started tutorial so that the volume knob for track 1 on Ableton moves up and down, but this is a seriously complicated program.

You need to know a lot about MIDI mapping to get anything meaningful from it which is way over my head. I am going to start the instruction manual when I can find the heart for it. Once again, it looks as though time will need to be spent learning the technical ins and out of something rather than actually making music…:crazy:

I wouldnt bother with the manual. If you go to their website you can download the editor TouchOSC | but the manual is for version 1.1 and this is 1.3. You need to set up a network just for the program to communicate with your iphone. Here is a forum that I belong to where I had a good conversation with another forum member about it and he helps me with the setup. Hope this helps you out!

Besides, I just got DCAM the day after TouchOSC, so I havent really gotten into it either.