Cool Logic Automation Tip

Found this out by complete accident recently & thought I’d share with all who don’t know already (I didnt…)

On the top of the main page, press the Automation Icon or A on your Keyboard.


Keeping Alt pressed & scroll with your mouse ball - up & down / Left & right, will push the size of the channels taller / shorter or will result in Lengthening / narrowing of your view…

So, f you have A switched on - you’ll see the Automation lanes open in front of you on the Arrange.

Alt & Scrolling up will make them fold back into the regular channel lanes.

When you want to do some Automation stuff, Alt & scroll down to reveal the lanes.

Once there, hitESC to bring up the Tool Menu.

Theres a couple of different ways to do this, but this looks to be the fastest as I normally use Alt to focus in on the areas that I want to work in anyway.

Also - Using Ctrl and the Mouse Scroll zooms in.