Could someone give me some feedback on my track pls?

Hi everyone.

I been watching all the vids and learning load from the site an i’m now finally making some tracks that I think sound ok. But of course they could be much better :wink:

So, I’m hoping some of you kind ppl will have a listen an give some good, honest feedback.

I thank those who listen (if any :P) in advance!

SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds

Baked Street by Ted Spong

i left you some comments on your soundcloud ted

Thanks for comments. I just posted another track

Wild Trump Pets by Ted Spong

I thought rather then making a new thread I’d add to this one.

Been busy this week an made a fair few tracks. Be great if someone could have a listen :wink:

Throoning by Ted Spong

Lunch Room by Ted Spong

Rumble King by Ted Spong

Reasons Why by Ted Spong

Made another track earlier today :stuck_out_tongue:

Its Not A Race by Ted Spong

I left comments for ya on Soundclound mate.

just a thought, the bassline in the 3 latest tracks sound v similar, its good to try fresh sounds in every new track. well thats what i try to do myself anyway.

fair play to ya bangin out so many tracks in such a short time, its take me ages lol

Keep it up

Yeah your right bout the basses. And i got the white noise in those tracks to. I’m trying to build up a live set as in getting a launchpad soon so those tracks are probs gonna be near the start of the set. My thinking is just trying to tie each track together in some way an then build up into some harder/more melodic tracks for later in the set.

Thanks for the comments tho, something i’ll deffo take on board :wink:

No Name atm by Ted Spong

So I just made another new track. Not finished it yet, just looking to see what ppl think.

Also pretty soon I’ll be ‘remastering’ all my other tracks. I recently DJ a party an played some of my track and the levels were terrible, need loooooaddds of work haha!