Couple of questions re ableton

I watched a production masterclass video there, and there was 2 ideas in it that i really liked. Unfortunately the producer was using cubase and kontakt as a sampler. Was wondering if anyone could help me try these ideas in abletons sampler or using ableton instruments.

Basically the first idea, he had a string/pad section from nexus, and bounced the whole thing down as the chord progression, and then loaded it up into the sampler and chopped it up into single notes. So that basically when you press a note on the keyboard you are playing a chord on one note, which he then made a stab sequence/melody out of. Any ideas how to chop up a pad like this in ableton? No experience with the sampler at all

The second idea, he had a hoover sound, and in kontakt had used an envelope to modulate the pitch of the sound, where he was able to draw in a sequence of how the pitch of the note would go up and down as the key is held down… Sounded extremley cool

you got a link to this vid?

by the sounds of it, the first idea is using “slice to new MIDI track” option on an audio file but im not sure…

Yeah, if you go to and search for CLSM its the clsm producer masterclass… Although you need to download and install the veoh web player for it to show the full video but its a free download and spyware free

Could be slice to midi. The way I would do it is.

Play it, freeze it, flatten it to get the audio file

Load in a simpler on an audio track

Drag the audio into the simpler (it will automatically assign it to middle C so you need to transpose it up or down)


Should take about 30 seconds

Cool i think it must be slice to midi i will have to play about a bit… Anyone got any ideas on the other thing he did? If you check the video you will see what i mean its soo cool

Do you want to turn a sampled chord progression into stabs/melody or are do you want to create some chords/Pads and turn them into stabs/Melody?

Basically what it is is, create the midi sequence for the chord progression, play through nexus or whatever… bounce it down to audio, so it is an audio file of the chord progression/pad, and then chop this up into notes to use as stabs, but it must be the chop to midi feature…

its the other idea that was the coolest to be honest, if you check out the video he has a hoover sound loaded into kontakt, and loops it so that its a continuous sound, and in kontakt is able to use an envelope to modulate the pitch of the sound… so he has it going from an octave up, dropping down, sweeping back up to the higher octave, down, up etc etc… so with one key press you get this wahh-wooo-wha-wha-waa-whoo-wahh sort of effect depending on what way you set the envelope up… And it means just pressing really obvious notes at really obvious times creates a more advanced sounding melody, its quality. If anyone knows how to do this (please check the video), please let me know, its a sound that is used in alot of CLSM tunes who are one of my hardcore idols, and now that ive seen how he does it in cubase with kontakt sampler, i would love to know how to do it in ableton since thats my preferred DAW at present


I found this tutorial helpful [url][/url]

Thinking this will be usefull for your hoover sample.