Cpu issue

my cpu is going mad ATM :w00t:

is omnisphere a total hog or is there something up with my computer?

i cant even open 6 instances of omnisphere without the cpu reachin 60/70 and it

starting to skip. i dont even have anything else apart a kick and the 6 omnisphere midis!

i have an imac. does any1 have any ideas?

yeah omnisphere uses masses of RAM… its one of the only synths i tend to still bounce down.

you really need to run it in a 64bit daw to access more than 4gb of ram.

ye man i feel your pain :slight_smile:

but let me add, if cpu keeps going crazy on certain preset’s, "check your envolope section and reduce release time ,example, you could have midi doing sixteenth’s while the release time is too long "also pay attention to any built in delay based effects, this all mostly happens when im flicking trough presets, but, its a relieve when i find whats causing the cpu madness “most of the time”!


gav :wink: