Cpu peaking!

hello guys i have a big problem with cpu usage ,

when i play the track from the deep house tuts 2012, when the synth Ana kicks in on the main synth drop my cpu usage shots upto 100% , i have read the other post on the same subject , but that guys was running on mac, i have tried all those suggestions ,

turning off wi-fi freezing tracks and checking for back ground programmes running, and i cant find anything , i have tried the moving latency and sample rate but it still peaks like mad , i dont have a clue why its doing this,

i’m using the ana demo , windows 7 , quad core amd 2.3 ghz , 6 gb ram , 500 gb hd, with 246 gb free , i have ran virus scans , defraged the hard drive n ablenton, no ext sound card,

do i need to turn on multi core processing in ablenton options menu, i did this before and abelton wouldnt even play?

i’i’m at my wits end , in the worlds of dizzie "BONKERS!!!

Try the ANA benchmark.


Will give a good idea of how your system handles ANA.

thanks for the reply , i cant get ana to load the preset , but i loaded the midi n selected stab house - deep stab 1 preset and it peaks at 45% !!!:crying: also ana is getting pissed off , shes going too kill 4 puppys !!! ha ha ha !!