CPU Performance Live9 64bit

Hi Sonic Team,/PPI have just purchased the ANA synth and I really like it. What I did notice though is how much CPU even a simple 4 voice 1 OSC Patch is eating up. /PPMy average CPU drain for playing a simple 5th Chord with such a patch is around 30-40%./PPMy system spec: MacPro4.1 Early 2009 (Nehalem Octo Core), 12 GB RAM, OSX Snow Leopard, latest build, Ableton Live 9 64 Bit 9.0.2 Build, CoreAudio /PPI tried to check wether internal fx and unison settings affect the CPU much but the difference is about 5-11%. Average CPU settles in at around 25-30% with ocassional spikes./PPCan you confirm this behaviour? /PPBack to freezing and resampling I go :w00t:

It’s because of 64 bit… It seems to run with more CPU.br
If its an issue stick to 32 bit until we can fix it.

Hi there,/PPah ok, no no for now its ok :slight_smile: have to limit myself to 2-3 instances though…which is not necessarily a bad thing but I’ll be glad that this will be sorted./PPThanks for your reply :slight_smile:

Anyone else still seeing these heavy cpu spikes when playing and stoping the music? I am running ANA and it wont let me run more then 4 or 5 of them at the same time

Could you give more details about your system… 32bit / 64bit what CPU daw etc.br

o_imseng what did you mean by 2-3 instances?br

Try using the 32bit version of ableton 64bit seems to be using more power than normal.