Crack open the drinks!

It’s SATURDAY MOFOS!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Gentleman Jack and Coke for the win right now… then off out to rock my tunes to the Brighton massive, brap brap.

Anyways whilst i’ve cracked open a new thread I may as well get asking to double check who is still up for the Sonic Academy meet, Ibiza in September?

Doesn’t matter if you’re not a regular poster to the threads, the more the merrier!

Week of hedonistic party!!


Fck you Rob, ya drunk… We’re all sober! :stuck_out_tongue:


im going to bed guys!! night

Dont wet the bed! :slight_smile:



I wasn’t drunk, but i am now (ish).

Bellwiffs :stuck_out_tongue:

FYI tonight rocked, drinks vouchers, decks, lots of women on the dancefloor = WIN.

Sorry icn, I let you down :wink:

errrrr thanks for the update :sick:

[quote]Mussi81 (23/01/2011)[hr]Sorry icn, I let you down ;)[/quote]

LOL - Try harder next time! :slight_smile:

[quote]ICN (23/01/2011)[hr][quote]Mussi81 (23/01/2011)[hr]Sorry icn, I let you down ;)[/quote]

LOL - Try harder next time! :)[/quote]

Or try my tactic

OH BTW the pic is called uglywelsh - sorry Gav and Block :P:D:hehe:

Can you remember - few years ago… the story about the Nasa astronaut who drove from one side of america to the other, wearing a “spaceman nappy” so that she wouldnt have to stop for toilet breaks?

She was on a mission to kill the wife of a guy she was having an affair with or something afaicr. Who said Women arent logical???!! :smiley:

Nice story while i’m having breakfast mate :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m never drinking again

I felt that way too this morning :slight_smile:

Jack Daniels is a good friend on Saturday night, but he always likes to punch me in the head in the morning. Bar-steward!!!