Crash after Importing Wav file & using "Double Selection Size"

Test on MacOS :

High Sierra 10.13.6 (17G11023)
64 bit OS & DAWs
Node Version Used : beta 0.9.3

Tested DAWs : Ableton Live Suite 10.1.9 + Bitwig Studio 3.1.2 + Logic Pro X 10.4.8 ( not on video but same issue ).

This issue happens in both Stand Alone version of Node as well as AU, VST, VST3 plugin formats. Didn’t have the issue using the AAX plugin inside Pro Tools 2018.12

Description : After importing a WAV file inside Node, if you use the “plus” sign button on the left hand side of the GUI which triggers the function " Double Selection Size " , each time you’ll reach the maximum value and the right corner of the GUI, Node would crash.

This is happening in the above mentioned DAWs using either AU, VST or VST 3 plugin, as well as the stand alone version. I didn’t have any issue with the AAX plugin using Pro Tools 2018.12.

Test on Windows :

Win 10 Pro - 1909 build 18363.693 ( up to date )
64bit OS - x64 Based Processor Desktop → Core i7-6850K - 32GB RAM
Node Version Used : beta 0.9.3

Same crash issue happening in both Stand Alone as well as VST & VST3 Plugin but with a slight difference in the behavior, under Windows the crash happens before I’m even able to reach the maximum value & the right corner of the GUI. Tested with the same WAV file in both Live Suite 10.1.9 & Bitwig Studio 3.1.2

You can refer to the following video showing what’s happening on the Mac :

perfect thanks :slight_smile: - seems to be when its out of bounds

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