Creating a Riser sound from scratch in Ableton Analogue + FX

Hi there,

I am loving the tutorials so far and playing around with the minimal one myself. My riser samples are a bit naff and I want to create my own riser sound using the instruments I have in Live 8 Suite.

How would you go about doing this?


Open operator. Choose the white noise generator (not the WN loop!). Add a filter to the rack, as well as a reverb, and possibly even a ping pong. Draw in a note and automate the high pass filter and record the output!


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in case you missed it tech tip No.2 is about sweeps and risers

Oh sweet, thanks everyone!

Most useful forum ever!

[quote]nohero (30/04/2010)[hr]Oh sweet, thanks everyone!

Most useful forum ever![/quote]

You’re quite welcome! Glad I/We could help!